Winter Session 2017-2018

IndeedWeCode Refresher Classes at Tri-C East and Activities

Our fall, winter, spring 2017-2018 sessions allowed us to teach what we learned to others. In December 2017, participated in Tri-C’s Tech4All event where we offered our Preview Day Sessions to the community. In March 2018, we took a trip to Columbus to meet the Ohio Board of Education and give them a hands-on lesson in coding. Not only were they impressed, they also had a bit of fun! These experiences allow us to not only share our knowledge, it allows us to have a voice as African American girls in technology.

Tri-C's Tech 4 All

On December 9, 2017, we held hands-on learning sessions during Tech4All at Cuyahoga Community College Eastern Campus. The goal of this event was to introduce computer coding and IWC to the community. We assembled 5 instructional teams consisting of IWC participants and an IT professional for each team. Each team simultaneously instructed an introductory lesson on HTML and CSS in their own classroom. IWC parents assisted with session signup and directing students to classrooms. Students that participated in the sessions ranged from school age to adult and ranged in various levels of programming knowledge. Being able to have this experience allowed the girls to demonstrate their knowledge and public speaking skills.


Ohio State Board of Education Presentation

On March 12, 2018, IndeedWeCode visited the Ohio State Board of Education as guests of  Board Member, Meryl Johnson. Dr. Patricia A. Ackerman presented the topic of making computer literacy a high school graduation requirement. After hearing from the Richmond Heights School District Superintendent, Dr. Willis and Ms. Walton, the girls taught and a micro coding lesson (about 5-7 minutes) to the board members. By the end of the lesson, the board members were excited that they learned something new!

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