Winter Session 2015-2016

IndeedWeCode Refresher Classes at Cleveland State

For four weekends in January and February 2016, 12 of the 19 girls attended Saturday refresher classes to reinforce their summer learning. They were taught web redesign, maintenance and got their first introduction to JavaScript. By then, the “early adopters” among them had begun to explore entrepreneurship.Three campers had begun designing websites for friends and family reunions. After the winter 2016 session, two of them have launched their own startup businesses as independent consultants earning modest fees for their services. A freshman camper created an original website for a class project to the amazement of her teacher and male classmates. A rising sophomore petitioned the private school she attends to waive the prerequisites for enrollment in AP computer instruction in fall 2016, as a direct result of the skill base she developed in IWC. A graduating high school senior won a cash prize in a networking competition. She will minor in computer science when she enters college fall 2016. Another 2015 camper who completed her freshman year at a state university in southern Ohio, collaborated with a team of all male classmates to develop an online computer game.


During these four sessions, we split into our groups from the summer to update the two websites we designed. We were able to add JavaScript elements based on what we learned about the language in this short amount of time.


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