Summer Camp 2018

IndeedWeCode Celebrates Fourth Summer Camp at Richmond Heights High School Technology Hub

This summer’s camp was a bit different from our other camps. This was the first year we offered the camp to grades lower than high school. Since we had various levels of learners this year, we introduced IndeedWeCode Interns Morghan and Savana. Their job was to ensure that all the girls had access to help with their code and no one was left behind when introduced to new material. This year we created two group projects and two individual projects. These projects were created using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap. We also used Github to save and share projects as well as using the Scrum/Agile Method to organize our workflow. We were visited by cheerleaders and other mentors who inspired us to be ourselves, know someone and know somebody, take a leap of faith, network, have confidence and to know there are other educational offerings outside of high school.


Ask Me Box

The first project we did during summer camp was the “Ask Me Box Project”. This project was a game where we used HTML to create the box and make it able to be clicked on. Then we used JavaScript to give the user a random response once the user put in a question. It was really fun to create the game and then see it come to life. Plus, we got to play our own games and get some laughs.

– Annalise Everett

Successful Shuri

This year was IndeedWeCode’s fourth year of having a summer camp. We had a great time learning computer languages such as; HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and learning our strengths in computer programing. This year’s final group project was called “Successful Shuri”, in honor of Black Panther’s computer, science, and technology main character, Shuri. Our task was to create a game character and take care of her. We had to feed, teach, exercise, and keep Shuri happy. We created the website and all the accessories within it inside HTML, JavaScript, CSS and using original lines of Code. To do all of this, we had to be organized. Usually, in software development, we use the Scrum Agile Method which, is a way to manage a project. First, we were assigned to teams and picked a scrum master to help the team perform at their highest level. Second, we drew out our plan for the website and assigned everyone tasks to do for the website. Third, we got to work on our assignments in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Lastly, we put the finishing touches on the project and presented to our family and friends on the last day of the IndeedWeCodes summer camp. The final project was very fun but also educational learning computer programing.

-Annalise Everett

The Field Trip

The girls at IndeedWeCode summer camp were more than ecstatic to go onto their 2018 field trip. This year, we went to MCPc. They are an experienced technology solutions provider that helps companies protect their data. MCPc also provides services that keep companies devices at maximum productivity, effectiveness, compliance, and security for their whole lifecycle. Once we were there, we got to witness different positions speaking to us face to face. Following our fantastic tour of MCPc, went to Ford engine plant No.1, where we saw quite a lot! We learned the history of the company and how their engines have developed over time.


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