Summer Camp 2017

IndeedWeCode Celebrates Third Summer Camp at Richmond Heights High School Technology Hub

During this year’s camp, the goal was to refresh the returning members on their skills and introduce the new members to basic skills. We spent the first week of camp learning to create a basic webpage by completeing a short project. During the second week of camp, we broke up into teams to work on different parts of a mobile app that we connected later on to form one big app titled BlackGirlsGo. Now in our third year, IndeedWeCode continues to provide computer coding instruction and IT-related opportunities to African American high school girls in greater Cleveland. Our two-week camp convened June 12-June 23, 2017 at the Richmond Heights High School Technology Hub . This year’s camp acquired new members. We also had four returning members in attendance to serve as Scrum Masters for our app teams.


Prior to camp all of the girls participated in a Preview Day where they did a short HTML and CSS project. During the camp, we started with another short project where they worked in pairs (pair programming) to create a travel web page. Each team shared their page with the group and explained their processes and ideas. We then transitioned to JavaScript by creating a click game app using the online platform Monaca. This allows the girls to test their game on their phones. Both of these short projects helped to prepare for our big app project. The idea for this project is to create an app that will help black girls become great by giving tips and information that is helpful in everyday life. We named it BlackGirlsGo. This project is still a work in progress and will continue to be a project we maintain and update.

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The Field Trip

This year’s field trip was to New Horizons Bakery in Norwalk, Ohio. The girls were able to communicate with employees, some with technological backgrounds and some without. Through these connections, the girls were able to see how coding and technology could be implemented everyday in a business environment. Overall, it was a great opportunity. As always, the best part about visiting a bakery is tasting samples!


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