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Our Expectations

During the summer, we offer a 2-Week Summer Camp free of charge. Students are required to be in attendance everyday, unless there is a special circumstance. This is due to the pace of the summer camp. For those who have participated in the Summer Camp, we offer Winter/ Spring Sessions that take place once or twice a month on Saturdays. The Winter/Spring Sessions allow us to expand on the topics and projects learned during the summer. There may also be opportunities where we are invited to participate in external events. We understand these girls have busy lives between academics and after school activities. We ask participants to make an effort to attend these events where possible because everything we do is to benefit them as a member of IndeedWeCode.


Prior computer coding (programming) knowledge not necessary

Good Listener


Team Player

Interested In Computer Technology

Basic Computer Knowledge

Basic Math & Reading

Willing To Learn


Problem Solver

Positive Attitude



Still Interested?

3 Steps to Becoming a Member


Register for Preview Day

Becoming part of our organization requires taking part in a Preview Day. During this session, parents or guardians get information about their role within IWC and students receive a quick lesson in HTML and CSS by creating a short project. These projects are presented and explained to the parents and other students to show what they have learned and how they applied their creativity. 


Have the conversation

If the student is still interested in joining, a converstation with their parents or guardians will need to take place. 


Request an application

The next step is to request an application from Dr. Ackerman by email. If your application is approved, further instructions will be provided.